Struggling with anger and frustration is something almost everyone faces at one point or another including our children. It is often difficult for adults to articulate and comprehend why they are angry. For the still developing minds of children, it can be overwhelming.

Children often express their anger and frustration in the only way they know how. This may be demonstrated in the form of temper tantrums or tears as well as other forms of aggressive behaviors. Or anger may be expressed through less overt conduct such as defiance, withdrawal and self-isolation.

When your child displays repeated angry and aggressive behaviors it can be overwhelming to deal with. It can be extremely difficult to identify and understand the reasons behind a child’s anger. Many children act out because they are in distress and this is their way of communicating their needs.

At Healthy Connections we can assist your child to learn to identify, understand and express their emotions in a healthy and communicative manner. We can support your child to develop coping skills to enhance emotional regulation and reduce the frequency and severity of angry and defiant-like behaviors. We can assist your child to understand the reasons for their behavior. We will help to support your child’s empowerment and build self-confidence and self-esteem so that your child values themselves. We hope to teach every child how powerful their voice can be when shared respectfully and thoughtfully.

We can teach your child practical and alternative coping mechanisms to replace negative behaviors. These skills will benefit your child throughout their lives and help prepare them for what life may throw at them. We also support you. We work with parents to develop coping and parenting skills as well as stress management and self-care plans.