In general parents react strongly to their children talking back at them.Making nasty and cheeky remarks. It is a frequent complaint and reason for referral. Back talk is not uncommon and there may be several underlying reasons why exhibiting this often-maddening behavior. It can stem from children trying to exert. originality, or control over their own life. After all, children are wired for independence. They may talk back in a power struggle over the type of food they want to eat, or the clothes they want to wear, or how they want to spend their time, or because they have a problem they are having and do not know how to appropriately express. Or it could simply be, because they are physically tired.

We often, but not always, see this type of behavior during late puberty and adolescence.A thi s stage, keep in mind your child may be trying to convince you to change your mind about a rule or demand. At Healthy Connections, we advise caution not to give in under these circumstances. You may inadvertently reinforce disrespectful behavior.

Back talk is an opportunity for parents and children to initiate a conversation about appropriate ways to request, express and communicate needs and desires. A chance for learning and practicing problem solving, conflict management and more. At Healthy Connections, we will be honored to and teach your child these essential life skills while uncovering the family dynamics sustaining these behaviors.