Are you having issues with your children?

Start with yourself first.

The last year has brought on many new challenges to parents and their children. Self-assessing is a starting point to determine what the “new normal” has brought into the lives of your children and your relationship with your spouse.

  • Have you taken a close look at yourself first?
  • Are you losing patience easily?
  • Are you bringing in your own unfinished business into your most sacred relationships?
  • Are you letting your fears destroy your parent-child relationship?
  • Are you repeating mistakes you saw when growing up?
  • Have you forgotten to closely monitor your children’s social media?
  • Do you know what your children are watching on Netflix or on any other platform?
  • Have you paid attention to how you and your wife or husband talk to each other?
  • Are you paying attention to your children when they talk to you or are you mindlessly scrolling through your own social media and electronics?
  • Are you aware of the latest turmoil children are manifesting at an unprecedented rate?
  • Are you debating whether or not to send your children back to school?

Learn to make a difference in the world by learning the skills you need for the "New Normal" and take them to other parents.

Work through the many questions you have as a parent in guiding your children through them.

The Parent Enrichment Sessions will help you through many of the new decisions and actions that you must take as a parent. Our sessions will help ease your fears and give you the necessary skillset to triumph.

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